Thursday 17 January 2019
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5 Tips for Choosing the Best IB School in Dubai

Finding a right school for children is probably the most difficult task for every parent. With so many options available parents most likely get confused. However, your long chase for a right school comes to an end when you select for the best IB schools in Dubai. There are quite a number of factors that tells you to choose IB (International Baccalaureate) school over others.

Here are five tips to follow when finding the best school for your children.

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  • Curriculum: This is probably the most important factor all the parents should consider when choosing an IB School. It is prudent that you check the curriculum, the IB school is offering. A top-class IB school generally offers wide-range yet flexible curriculum. Further, the curriculum or learning program can be divided into parts; depending on the school.
  • Staff and Faculty Members: This clearly should be your 2nd important aspect when searching for an IB school. There is no reason for getting admission in a school that does not have qualified and experienced faculty members. A reliable IB schools in Dubai must have faculty staff that is talented and dynamic.
  • History of the School: Though you know the curriculum and faculty staff offered by IB school is a top class; do not take an immediate decision. It is always better to know what past students and their guardians are saying about the school. You can also check reviews posted by them online.

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  • Extra Activities: A reliable IB school should encourage its students to take part in extracurricular activities because this helps the students to show off their creative side. It likewise helps the students to develop (1) communication skills, (2) interpersonal skills, and (3) take learning to a new level. Is IB school offered both indoor and outdoor games?
  • Infrastructure Facilities: A reputed IB school must be well equipped with needed facilities that make learning informative and fun at the same time.