Friday 14 December 2018
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A Guide to the CIPD Qualification and How to get it

What is the CIPD qualification?

Popularly referred to as the CIPD qualification, the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development is a renowned body that awards HR certificates in the UK. This body has become one of the most popular HR awarding bodies in the world with more than 13,000 individuals putting in for the program annually. There are so many benefits that individuals can gain from getting this important qualification. Some of these benefits include improvement in career opportunities, understanding of the most advanced practices and theories in HR, and better contribution to the success of an organization.

Based on its many benefits, several high-level and experienced individualshave been getting this qualification to increase their career and earning prospects. Even for entry-level personnel, CIPD qualification is capable of providing the skills required by lots of employers who are in need of highly skilled and resourceful individuals.

Which level of CIPD qualification should you get?

If you would like to acquire a CIPD qualification, there are three main levels available. These levels are:

  • Level 3

Called the Foundation qualifications, Level 3 is meant for those that are just getting introduced to human resources management. The two certificates that are offered at this level are Certificate in Human Resource Practice (HRP) and Certificate in Learning and Development (LDF)

  • Level 5

Those with Level 3 are usually advised to improve their knowledge through the acquisition of the Level 5 certificate. This level is sometimes called the Intermediate qualifications. Just as in the Level 3, two kinds of certificates are offer here, and they are theCertificate in Human Resources Management (HRM) and Certificate in Learning and Development (LDI).

  • Level 7

This is also called the Postgraduate qualifications. This is the topmost level of the CIPD qualifications, and it is meant for highly skilled HR personnel who want to improve their knowledge of the latest practices in the field. The certificate issued at this level is Advanced Diploma in Human Resource Management (HRM).

However, if you are having problems deciding the level of CIPD qualifications you should go for, you should get in touch with CIPD experts who can offer you advices.

How can you get a CIPD qualification?

After deciding on the level of CIPD qualifications you would like to get, the next thing to do is to contact a reputable company offering training to interested individuals. While there are many companies offering this service in the country, you need to be wary of those who are not certified to operate.

A few of the things to look out for in a company offering the services are:

  • The years of experience of the company in offering the service
  • The qualifications of the trainers
  • Individuals who have acquired the certificate from the company in past years

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