Sunday 25 August 2019
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Beonair Network: A proud Broadcasting and Multimedia Institute in the United States

Broadcasting and Multimedia are the most picked out career by most individuals nowadays. As media is an essential thing in providing substantial information, knowledge and issues of the current events towards the masses. Broadcasting and Multimedia varies in different categories, Television, Media Sales and Marketing, Sports Broadcasting as well as Radio Broadcasting, which allows individuals to choose the right broadcasting and multimedia platform that suits their skills and experience growth as well as the career boost. There are many broadcasting and multimedia schools and institutions in the United States, but one institute really rises above them all is M&S Media School. Yes, it is a National Broadcast School based in Ohio that offers various broadcasting and multimedia courses under the name: Beonair Network.

Beonair Network

M&S Media School has different branches all over the United States, from its main branch located at Ohio, the media school also stretches their campus all over the U.S, from Ohio to Colorado, down to Illinois and Miami. These M&S school campuses were collectively known as Beonair Network, which has gained several praises all over the United States in becoming one of the best National Broadcast School in the country.

Beonair Network: The Website

The website can be reached by surfing to, which will transport you to a site that displays several multimedia course offers multimedia and broadcasting videos being used as the website’s background. The website shows an interesting mixture of colors and interactive videos that will really entice everyone who visits their website. Upon scrolling, the website will indicate specific information about Beonair Network’s courses, as well as their benefits. These were segregated into different tabs and columns on order for the individual to easily navigate the website.

Courses Offered

Beonair Network offers different Broadcasting and Multimedia courses, from Television, Media Sales and Marketing, Sports Broadcasting and even Radio Broadcasting, which suits every individual’s choices and expertise. These courses also offer different sub-courses which will train each for those people who want to fully acquire the essentials of the course.


Beonair Network offers different Broadcasting and Multimedia courses which will surely increase a student’s potential, obtain growth and sharpen each student’s skills which will eventually help them in performing their broadcasting and multimedia jobs well. With Beonair Network, along with other M&S Broadcasting Schools, fulfilling your dream job in the broadcasting and multimedia platform will always be a reality.