Sunday 16 June 2019
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Boeing’s Reputation Scandal

Did you know that there is a Boeing plane that takes off every 3 seconds around the world? Boeing operations has been developing for decades being one of the leading aircraft providers for international airlines for years. Their most innovative and ambitious aircraft yet is the 787 Dreamliner. It was once the world’s most anticipated plane. It took between 17 and 23 billion US dollars to design, manufacture, and develop taking flight for the first time on December 15th, 2009. Based on the CNBC Boeing 787 Dreamliner Documentary, the 787 Dreamliner is the most ambitious and innovative aircraft operations management yet; the many delays and issues resulted in hurting it’s reputation, underestimating its ability to deliver the 787 so quickly and efficiently. However, it took quite a long time to develop. So long that many stopped believing in its delivery and the overall brand.

When companies make a promise, it should be delivered. While the 787 Dreamliner vision strived for innovation and quality in it’s design and finished product, the company could not deliver quick enough given the deadlines they said they would.Not only were they having production issues at the time, airlines were rated dead last in an international customer service survey based on industry. Part of achieving this customer satisfaction and continuous improvement in performance involved some of the following features: soft or dimmed lighting, more overhead storage, more seat and leg space, larger windows that can be dimmed, various lighting colours and settings for long flights, humidity (less dry air and more air), open concept, and the body would be made out of carbon fibre composite which is 40% lighter than aluminum.

This took quite a long time to do. Their parts often did not fit with one and other. Boeing tried to include many countries in the production of the place but that ultimately destroyed the productivity because everyone had their own expectations, dimensions, and ways of producing parts.

Boeing’s reputation was put at risk for the longest time. The plane’s delivery was pushed back for months and then a couple of years from its initial delivery date.

What can we learn from Boeing’s mistakes?

Meet the expectations of customers. While it is tremendously important that a product or service is curated until it is perfect (especially in the case of safety), when companies do not meet their customer and stakeholder expectations, it can dramatically affect their reputation on and offline. This reputation scandal took a turn when people stopped believing in the Dreamliner’s delivery. Always give your stakeholders hope so you do not end up with a reputation crisis.