Friday 14 December 2018
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Cheering Peter Loftin: A Personality That Can Impress Anyone Instantly

One simply does not need to know or memorise the names of the business entrepreneurs cum celebrities. There are some different ones who can provide the commoners with some kind of directions in life, food on their plate, a safe and secured life. Peter Loftin is such a person who is known and famous for his entrepreneurial skill as well as the humanitarian skills.

Loftin was initially known as the founder of the BTI or the Business Telecom Inc. He was also the Chairman of the entire board of BTI. Following is some information on Peter Loftin and his endeavours.

Getting to know about Peter Loftin and some of his earlier endeavours

Peter Loftin showed the tendency to share his wealth from the very beginning of his youth. When he was in his early twenties, he established an organization called the ‘Coats for Kids’. The main aim of this foundation is to offer coats to the street kids in order to keep them safe and sound during the harsh, cold days of the winter. Not only for the children, Loftin has shown his concerns over the other people of different age groups.

He was the responsible one to build and develop the BTI Centre for the Performative Arts. This centre of performing arts is situated in the city of Raleigh and known for a harmonious combination between the workers, artists and the art objects.      

Examples of some of the charitable works by Peter Loftin:

Apart from this, Loftin supported the Police Athletic and the North Carolina Museum of Science. His famous establishment or the Casa Casuarina from Miami is also worth of mentioning. This is not just a large and beautiful establishment made by the locals, but also it is needed to be seen as the source to bring financial stability for many local people. Peter Loftin was also part of the American National Red Cross Society.

Apart from all of these, he supports the North Carolina Museum of Science.  For the children of the soldiers, he has started to donate handsome amounts. His attempt to build and develop the Camp BTI for both the boys and girls is also quite praiseworthy. One can question the reason behind his immense popularity, but one cannot simply discard the fact and the need to continue one’s charitable work.

The best thing about Loftin is that he has managed to continue with his charitable works. From assisting the Oak Ranch facility in handling the teens who are troubled to working with ‘Make-A-Wish’ foundation of America- Peter Loftin excelled and has been continuing with his great charity work.

Going through the above mentioned details, it can be safely said that Loftin’s difference resides in his attempt to continue with the charity work. His skill as an entrepreneur might be amazing and praiseworthy, but what’s more important is his attempt to maintain a balance between his life as a businessman and as a social worker. This is a crucial balance and cannot be maintained by everybody as good as Loftin seems to do.