Friday 14 December 2018
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Do You Have It in You to Be a Life Coach

Are you the kind of person who feels for others such that you wish to help them improve themselves and their quality of life? Do you like to guide others towards a more positive living by providing them with support and inspiration? If you are one of those who wish to have a positive influence on people, then there is just the right career move suggested for you, that to become a life coach.

What is a life coach?

Let’s start with getting the basics out of the way, a life coach is someone who helps and inspires others to achieve the desired goals they have set for themselves. The goals could be pertaining to professional life or personal life and the coach acts as a source of support to guide his or her clients towards attaining their goals and moving beyond to reach new levels of success, satisfaction, happiness and fulfillment. Anyone who has the drive and desire to help others and who has undergone appropriate coaching courses can become a life coach.

Who needs a life coach?

Anybody can require a life coach, even those who are successful and secure in their lives, but are stuck at some particular juncture where they require support and guidance to help deal with the problem and to move forward. Life coaches can help deal with professional and personal obstacles. Thus, anybody, from any walk of life can need a life coach at some point in their life.

Qualities of a life coach

If the idea of being a coach to others seems appealing to you and if you are toying with the idea of becoming one, just acquire the required training and check if you have the following qualities-

  • Be self-aware

It is important for you to first understand yourself, your strengths and shortcomings along with the style and method you adopt to approach the employees or clients. Being self aware brings clarity while dealing with others.

  • Be well informed

As a professional life coach, dealing with work related issues of the employees, you need to be well informed and well read. You have to be prepared with examples, ideas and a well prepared agenda for the meetings much in advance.

  • Be clear in order to address the issues

As a life coach you firstly need to be clear about the issues being discussed and with the same clarity and well-defined vision bring the exact causative issue to the attention of the employees or clients that you are addressing.

  • Be a good judge of other’s strengths and weaknesses

As a coach your job will be to help others get over their issues and obstacles by encouraging them and inspiring them. In order to do this you need to identify the weaknesses and strengths of the other person so that you know exactly how to inspire them and drive them to reach their goals.

  • Be patient

This is the most quality that a life coach must possess since you need to patiently listen to the qualms of the employees which will further help identify the problematic area and lead to the subsequent solutions. As a coach you must provide time to discuss the concerns or ideas at length.

Thus a committed, positive attitude and the right qualities will help you help others.