Monday 11 November 2019
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Excel on the first attempt in the New York Real Estate Exam

Become a real estate team person as the real estate business in New York City is booming. On the successful completion of the real estate exam, you can become a salesperson or an agent. The New York State Government conducts the exam. And you have to keep in mind that without clearing the exam you cannot become a licensed agent.

Meet the requirements:

If you wish to become an agent then the New York real estate exam prep should start with the below qualifications.

·         Candidate must be above 18 years old

·         Complete the 75hours pre-licensing courses

·         Receive sponsorships from a right broker

·         Undergo the pre-verification process and fingerprint matching.

·         Schedule your NY exam

·         Fill out the application

Necessary things for the exam:

Candidates those who are appearing for the exam should carry any of the below-mentioned identity proofs.

1.      Driving license

2.      Identity card of NYC

3.      Employment authorization card

4.      Passport

5.      Consular ID

6.      Military ID

Along with identity proof the summary of submission of records that you have submitted at the time of registration.

Preparation for the NY real estate exam:

Getting the license is more than becoming a part of the NY real estate team. You should always have control over time and interest. This will help you in creating multiple streams of income. Here are some of the simple hacks that will buckle down your New York Real Estate Prep.

·         Concentrate on the exam prep material:

Focusing more on the study material will help you to collect information in different areas. As most of the time is spent on books you can create many practice question sets. Know the mathematical formulas and keep preparing each topic. Though clearing the exam will be overwhelming, concentrating on the study material will help you to clear the exam.

·         Perform a group study:

Call up a friend who is sailing with you on the boat. Certain doubts can be cleared during a group study. And connecting with agents will also help in creative thinking.

·         Pay attention to minor topics:

It is easy to skip or overlook minor topics, but you will regret when you see that topic in question papers. It is advisable not to leave blank spaces, instead take a chance to guess the word.

·         Read line by line:

Start your preparation early and so you can concentrate on all the topics equally without skipping any. The test makers will create multiple choice questions in such a way that will put candidates in a dilemma. For example, mistaking a word to be “is” instead of “if” will also change the meaning of the content.

·         Relax before the exam:

Ensure that you relax on the previous day of the exam. Last minute preparation will end up in tension and confusion.


Apart, from the mentioned hacks many people will look for a personal tutor who can help in the preparation. Concentrate and be calm to clear the exam on the first attempt. All the best guys!