Sunday 16 June 2019
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Finding a Tutor

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You want your child to progress to the next level of their learning, but they keep getting the same scores. Frustration kicks in. No matter what the particulars of your situation are, most parents can benefit from hiring a tutor for their child.

Working on a one to one and group basis a tutor can share many different techniques of learning and revising as well as offering a hands-on intervention and support for the topic’s children are studying at school.

However, making the right choices is critical.

Here are 4 steps to discovering which tutor is Best for you.

  1. Ask yourself, which tutor do you know in the area? What do you know about the tutor?
  1. Now think how you learnt about the tutor? Was it an advert? Wasit a referral from a friend? Did the parent sound passionate and confident talking about the tuition?
  2. Okay, keep that in mind. Put it in your back pocket. Now ask your friends and family, about tutors they have used. What stands out for the tutors they are using?
  3. Check for Google reviews of users visit their website to get an idea of their tone and approach.
  4. Now take the answers several questions you asked family and friends and pull out what overlaps. What are the common themes about the tutor?
  5. Your decision is buried in the overlap. Pick the tutors that resonates with you the most and book a trial.

Why Tutors?

People turn to tutors because they are unclear about the direction of their child’s learning; they feel they need to get help to improve; It’s your job as a parent to help your child get the right support. All tutors have a series of techniques at their disposal to help them do for your child.

Parents. Worrying and fears are natural as your children’s successes will be judged by your closest family and friends. Especially towards the end of high school and college years, putting your needs behind your child’s needs is sound advice. Our Tuition in Bradford are willing to advice anyone around the world for FREE and guide them to success. Contact Improve Tuition if you area  parent wanting direction.

FREE Trial

Most tutors should offer a FREE trial. After the session, make sure your tutor spends a lot of time talking about your child and their strength and weaknesses and next steps. Know that plenty of tutors just want to earn the pounds but try and find a tutor who rather do something that helps children.