Saturday 22 September 2018
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Four Tips To Help You Find The Right Job Over The Holidays

Moving on from one job to the next can be exciting and sometimes frustrating. The possibility of working at a new firm or even in a new city might mean great things for you and your family, but sometimes the task of finding a new position can be just as much work as the job itself. After all, not every great organization advertises in the paper or online, so it can be tough to find those amazing opportunities if you don’t know precisely where to look.

When you’re a lawyer, you are not just looking for any job – you are looking for the best placement for both your skills and your future. In the legal profession you can easily wind up at a law firm that doesn’t quite fit your ideal work environment, which is why it is important to ensure you are the right fit for a firm right off the bat. After all, you didn’t go to graduate school just to end up at a job you’re unhappy with.Image result for Four Tips To Help You Find The Right Job Over The Holidays

Experienced and trustworthy Toronto legal headhunters like The Heller Group in Toronto make it their job to place exceptional candidates like you at positions they love. Legal recruiters know what you’re going through and they will take it upon themselves to find out just what you are looking for in your new job. Then, they’ll match you with a law firm that not only meets your wish list, but one whose corporate wish list you meet as well.

The holidays can actually be a good time to pursue a new position since many people stop job-hunting to pursue holiday travel and family celebrations. Many Toronto legal headhunters like other recruiters will keep working through the holidays to find you the right position, giving you the leg up over other candidates who have taken the season off. Consider these tips to help you find the right position over the holidays:

  1. Find an experienced, efficient, and well-connected legal recruiter who understands just what you’re looking for. Let them know you are ready to work somewhere else.
  2. Stay connected to those contacts you might want to include in your job search. What better time of year than the holidays to let someone, particularly someone in a firm where you’d like to work, know that you’re hoping they have a wonderful holiday – and by the way, you’re moving to their town and looking for a new job.
  3. Stay upbeat and flexible. It is a busy time of year – Toronto legal headhunters and other local recruiters know this and can help you stay in touch with those firms where you are best suited.
  4. Enjoy yourself. Go to gatherings, meet people, and reconnect with people you used to work with. Encourage new connections for yourself and others all the while keeping your ears peeled for potential opportunities. If there is a potential connection you’d like help with, contact your recruiter and see if they can find you the right opening.

Remember, too, that during the “magic” week between Christmas and New Year’s, there are many executives who aren’t working, but many other people are. The “gatekeepers” such as the administrative and executive assistants are still keeping offices running smoothly. Knowing who to talk to and who can get you into talk will help your job search immensely.