Friday 14 December 2018
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How Coworking Spaces Are Benefiting Students Studying Online

Coworking spaces are turned out as a productivity booster for professionals, and this trend of such workspaces is a growing industry across the world. In case you don’t know, coworking spaces are the shared working environments where a diverse group of remote workers, freelancers, and independent professionals team up in an office-like communal setting. They usually don’t work for the same employer, yet use the location for meetings and working.

Besides professionals, communal office spaces are benefiting students, particularly those who are enrolled in online learning programs. According to a research conducted by Nestor University, the coworking spaces are providing five main benefits to students in eLearning. Those are:

  1. Better Productivity

This is one of the major advantages of shared office space as reported by a greater population of students. Agree! Online learning is known for its convenience of learning, (as students can get lecture online even in their PJs while lying on the couch,) some students claim that they have trouble staying focused and productive. They need a proper environment to study. Thus, when they are studying at home, they are easily distracted by other house members.

This steers many students to the nearby coffee shops or libraries where they can reduce the distraction and get a learning environment. According to a research, 68{0d94de9552dea75c7212c1618f5a5052d5aa1b75dca4a57c0d3142ab26f3868a} of students—using shared spaces for studying—were more focused in coworking spaces than they were at their homes.

  1. Coping with Deadlines Easily

Another similar statistic is that 64 percent of students who use such spaces are more likely to complete their assignments on time. A major cause of this is their increased productivity found by studying in a shared space instead of a café or at home. The learners who need to complete a big project or who have to complete a lengthy research paper can use shared space to complete their tasks without interruptions of any sort.

Students, when enrolled in online learning programs, usually procrastinate things, tasks, and assignments. In a coworking space, you do not need to be appropriately dressed and be punctual in the class. Having such setting, even once a week can prepare your brain for learning. You can concentrate on the term paper that has an approaching deadline; stay managed, or research different stuff for the assignment that needs to be submitted in the coming week.

  1. Better Teamwork

Students who are a member of shared spaces can easily collaborate with other students. Such spaces usually have conference rooms, with video or teleconference facilities, which make it easier for them to get in touch with other classroom teams and project mates. One of the main advantages of e-learning classrooms is the connectivity and communication with other students residing in different parts of the globe.

To wrap up:

Coworking spaces have many benefits to offer, be it in professional sphere or the academic world. As more students are eager to learn online, such workspaces are going to be more in demand. These spaces can help students and business people reap the gains of sharing a single space for different endeavours.