Wednesday 20 November 2019
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How English Became One of the Most Popular Languages?

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English has become universally the most commonly used language. Whether it is the corporates or the primary schools, English has become the ultimate language of communication. Most schools prefer to deliver education through English as it opens the gateway to many business opportunities.

But despite all the facts, the rise of the English as the universally most acclaimed language has been phenomenal. A lot of factors and important historical events mark the birth of the language as the most popular method of communication. Here are some of the keys events that boosted the language and how it reached to the schools of every other country.

English and the rise of the British Empire

It was the 1800s and the 1900s that the British Empire enjoyed its height of success. The empire started capturing entire nations and made them their colonies. The next biggest hurdle was the communication gap between the British Empire and the original inhabitants. The country enforced strict rules to suppress the local languages and enforced schools and colleges to deliver lessons in English. This was a major transformation in itself. The company did not stop here.

It reached overseas and colluded with the founders of the United States of America. The founders knew that a common language was the best way to maintain the integrity of the place. They agreed on the terms of the British Empire and started working on programs to spread the language wide. Till today English is not the official language of the state, but the colonizers used extensive methods to popularize the language, and it is still evident utill today.

The trading companies of the British

The British first came to different nations on the pretext of trading. Soon after they started growing, they increased their presence. In the princely states like that of India, the company made friendship with the kings and princes. As dominance grew, the company started bringing troops and developed these nations as colonies. They exploited the lands as much as possible, and the only way to come out of poverty is access to English.

This led to the formation of an elite class of individuals who spoke and dealt with in the language. This was the first step in their mission to world dominance. Despite their ambitious plans, the entire nation was in a huge loss after the world wars and the internal conflicts in different colonies. The British, being not able to handle the huge loss, started leaving countries and the countries attained freedom.

Word domination of Hollywood

Coming after the historic era, the language becomes slowly popularized due to the growing entertainment industry. While the rest of the world struggled to make high definition movies, Hollywood came up with unique ideas to develop and market its movies. The producers channelized all their efforts and made sure that their movies reached far-fledged places. This was one of the historic moments in Hollywood.

The industry expanded like anything, and the language slowly became a craze in the countries. Actors from distant lands tried their luck in the industry, and the industry acknowledged them for their skills. But there was a catch to it. The producers retained actors from the other corners of the world only to popularize the movies in their respective regions. The technique worked and is still a popular concept that is used by companies to market their films.

English sounds cool

As people started learning English, more and more content was published by the media. The educated started reading the English newspaper and magazines. This helped them start a new cult. With more and more people desiring to learn the language, the schools made English a part of their curriculum.

And hence there was a rise in the cult. Students graduated with excellent marks and decided you purse education in other nations. This boosted the morale of other individuals too. The English speaking population became their role model, and they struggled to achieve the same for themselves.

The list may look exhaustive. But the rise of English as a global language has may attribute to it. Colonization, combined with a slew of factors helped the language flourish in many unexpected ways. It became a mission, the results of which are still prevalent. Today the world acknowledges the language, and there is no other language that can beat the language in the race. There are no propaganda these days, not colonization and other factors. The world has accepted the language as the medium of communication – a second language to communicate with the rest of the world.