Monday 11 November 2019
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How One College Graduate Transformed a Six-figure Education Loan Debt

After departing college a couple of years back, Stephanie Bousley found herself within the same predicament shared by over 40 million Americans those of education loan debt. Actually, the holder of the MFA in film production owed nearly $200,000, an amount which soon ballooned to $289,000 after three delinquent internships.

Now, that’s no little bit of money to become challenge with the at the start of existence. Thinking about the average salary within the U.S. was just over $48,000 in 2015, based on the Social Security Administration website, you can easily realise why a six-figure education loan debt of this magnitude could be reason to be concerned.

But Bousley demonstrated to become one to not panic. Rather, she buckled lower and worked out finding methods to her debt woes. In the end, she ended up getting an initial-class education for those her troubles, not just obtaining several awards on her operate in film production, but additionally holding bachelor’s levels in worldwide business and psychology.

It had been then that they made the decision to make use of her education as leverage to obtain a well-having to pay job, which may allow it to be simpler to repay her education loan debt and begin building her future. Pointless to state, that call, whilst not being simple to fulfill, has labored out on her welfare. Today, Stephanie Bousley works in Singapore for among the country’s largest hedge funds and it has compensated off the majority of her college debt. Additionally, she has the capacity to live pretty much with an advanced of freedom, and travels frequently, while managing to invest time on her behalf first love – script writing.

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Wondering if this may be your story too? The great factor is Bousley has made the decision to make use of her experience to assist others who’ve been in the same situation. If you’re presently facing high education loan debt, you’re at the best place. Here’s your opportunity to get coaching on managing your financial troubles, in addition to valuable financial advice. Plus, learn how you are able to land high-having to pay jobs abroad.

Coping with education loan debt could be pretty frustrating but, as you will discover, it does not need to haunt you forever.