Friday 14 December 2018
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How to choose the right education for your children

If there is one key area to raising children that all parents consider most, it is their education. This is only natural as making sure that your children get the very best education possible will set them up for life and a successful career in their chosen field. With this in mind, you may be wondering how to choose the right education for your children and what options there are for you.

Lots of choice for parents

Luckily, if you are at this stage in your child’s life, then there are plenty of great options open to you. There may be fine state-run schools where you live, and these can help provide the education that your children need within the system of your country. In addition, there may be privately run schools within your country that would also give a decent education.

One of the most popular and sensible choices now is international schooling. International schools have exploded in popularity recently, with the number more than doubling worldwide. Asia, in particular, has seen a great increase, with international schools in Hong Kong leading the way. It seems that many parents have seen the many benefits that an international schooling can bring for expatriate and local students.

What is an international school?

An international school is one that follows an international curriculum that is different from that of the country in which it is operating. The most famous example is the International Baccalaureate qualification that is recognized and accepted by employers worldwide.

The benefits of an international school education

  • Diversity

Attending an international school gives your children greater experience in terms of diversity. They will interact with other students from a whole range of nationalities and cultures. This will equip them perfectly for later life when they are having to use these skills in the global workplace. It also helps them to grow as a person and appreciate customs and experiences from outside their own circle.

  • Great experiences

One of the really outstanding things about going to an international school is that it’s a fantastic all-round experience. As well as the engaging academic learning environment, they provide lots of extra-curricular activities to enjoy, such as sports clubs and school trips. This will leave your children with some great experiences to remember.

  • Languages

With the amount of different nationalities at the average international school, your child will soon pick up different languages. Most international schools will also place emphasis on learning additional languages officially. The obvious benefit of this is that it gives them an extra edge in the global workplace and helps them fully develop into a rounded adult.

  • It helps them become the person they can be  

Attending an international school will make sure that, by the time your children graduate, they will be upstanding, responsible adults; this is both academically and socially – international schools are great at making sure that these two areas are focused on equally for maximum results.

International schools rule

While there are naturally many different options for educating your children, international schools remain one of the best. The mix of academic excellence and pastoral care makes for a superb learning environment and one that your children will love.