Sunday 26 May 2019
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How to CRUSH MCAT Exam  the Right Way

Getting accepted to medical school is a great idea, but that may as well remain a dream. Not until you crush down the MCAT exam. Many fail, others perform exceptionally well. Imagine having studied hard, attended all the classes needed only to struggle in your final step towards admission to medical school.
Medical schools use GPA and MCAT scores to select student into med schools. Funny thing, those who perform exceptionally well in MCAT exams have gone ahead to become the best doctors we currently have. That’s why the MCAT exam is crucial for any pre-med student. It’s possible to get it right the first time. No student should have to re-sit the exam again. So, what is the secret to passing the MCAT exam?
Join an MCAT Prep Course
Let no one lie you that there is another better way to pass exams other than through extensive reading and practicing multiple revision questions. Consider joining the next MCAT prep course available before taking the MCAT exam. MCAT prep course provides students with adequate resources necessary to read for their MCAT exam. Students have access to all study materials and revision questions needed, and also a study schedule to plan for their reading.
Plan Your Time Wisely
You will agree with me that with the extensive reading required for the MCAT exam, chances are that you will always feel like you are not ready yet when the exam comes. That’s how people fail but if available time is planned well, then you are in the right track. “Failing to plan is planning to fail” so they say. You can’t study for MCAT and still want ample time to have fun. You will have to sacrifice one for the sake of the other. So you need to create time, a lot of time. You can’t read if you don’t have the time.
MCAT Revision Group
What a better way to add extra knowledge to your brain than by learning from your fellow student. Join an MCAT revision group and interact with members by discussing Best MCAT review courses. You are not the only one competing for the position in med school so you ought to build on your knowledge. You are competing with the best brains so you must be the best too.
Revision, Revision, and Revision!
There is no other way out of this handle. You revise properly, and you will pass your MCAT exams. Remember MCAT is a 7.5 hours exam which means extensive preparation is needed. This is a lot of time for an exam, so what matters is not if you can answer questions but whether you can answer the questions correctly. That will determine if you will pass or fail.
But how will you answer the questions if you did not revise properly? Practice on answering MCAT questions and utilize your time properly by reading through materials and review books provide in your MCAT pre-course. Approach your tutors for further clarification on that topic you don’t understand. Set your eyes on the prize, you have sacrificed a lot so you can’t fail.
Of course, an MCAT prep course and all these reading materials will of little help if you don’t put the right effort and dedication to utilizing them. Focus all your effort into getting better results and scores. Stick to the plan, and the plan is to pass the MCAT exam.