Sunday 20 October 2019
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Importance of presentation in data research and analysis

Data can have multiple forms, such as image, video, measurement, recording, text, numbers, and many others. In the raw form, it’s of no use unless a data analyst combines it and presents it in the form of facts and figures. The way the data is presented defines and justifies the results. If the presentation of data is not good, it will never help anyone to make a decision. Presentation is the most important part that is taught in a Data Analytics Course.

It is the most important steps of Analysis

Data presentation plays a very essential role in data analysis. One can convince others of the research’s result only when data is well presented and easy to understand. The analyst needs to brief the entire data in the form of facts and figures and represent them in the form of graphs and charts. The easier it is for a reader to understand the data, the easier it will be for them to learn the facts.

Forms of data presentation

Data presentation can be done in many ways and forms.


Data can be presented in a simple text, which is easier for any user to read and understand. One can simply highlight the keywords in the text to emphasize a fact.

Using Graphs, charts, and tables

Using Graphs ad charts make the analysis more attractive and easier to understand through visual representation. Using multiple types of bar graphs, pie charts, and tables divide the data into categories and make it easier to understand.

There are multiple ways you can represent the data based on your presentation style. However, use one which is easier for everyone to understand. If you are not sure about your presentations skills, then you can learn it from a good Data Analytics Course that helps you polish the skills.

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