Sunday 16 June 2019
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Important Steps To Take When Job Hunting  

Finding yourself out of work or knowing that you’ll need to find a new job in the near future can certainly be a stressful experience. Most of us finding ourselves in these difficult waters at some stage in our lives, so you’re definitely not alone in finding the process anxiety-provoking and worrisome. However, there’s no reason that with the right steps, you can’t find a great job that fulfills you both financially and emotionally. It’s all about preparing and moving forward in the correct way.

Get professional support.

Finding a job by yourself can be a tiresome task. Scrolling through job listings, checking your local newspaper, and sending in CVs day after day can become frustrating if you’ve been at it for some time without success. That’s where a recruitment agency can be a huge help in setting you up with the right job. There are labour agencies melbourne who can help you find the work you want and need, and they can do it far more quickly than you will with your solitary efforts at home.

Tidy up your CV.

Your CV will be the first impression your potential future employer will get of you as a person and an employee, so it’s essential that this document represents you in the best possible light. If it’s been a while since you’ve updated your CV, make sure it’s up to date with all of your recent achievements, job positions, and responsibilities. Include qualifications and any specific successes, awards, or big sales you achieved in previous jobs to prove your worth aside from a vague statement. Keep it concise without neglecting important information that could land you the job.

Don’t forget a cover letter.

An all too common mistake made by job seekers is to send CVs out without a cover letter to introduce yourself to the management or HR department. Your cover letter should be unique to each application and briefly explain why you’re applying for this position, and why you believe you’re right for the role. Along with your CV, your cover letter could be the deciding factor when it comes to landing an interview.

Prepare well for interviews.

Job interviews can be highly intimidating for some, but they’re your best chance to get yourself out there and land that position that will help you move forward in your career. Preparing well will help calm your nerves before the day arrives and will ensure that you already know what you’re going to say and how you’re going to present yourself; helping you to avoid last-minute panic attacks. Practice putting together a brief pitch for yourself as an employee that grabs the interviewer’s attention without coming across as arrogant. Research the company and the position in advance so you can ask smart questions and come across as an enthusiastic prospect, and don’t forget to prepare a neat, smart-looking outfit for the occasion.

Check your social media pages.

 Most employers will take a look at your online presence before making a hiring decision these days, so clean up your profiles and erase anything you wouldn’t want a potential boss to see. This is a good time to get involved in career-directed social media platforms like LinkedIn, too, so you can use your online time in a more constructive way.