Sunday 25 August 2019
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Know the history of funeral of humans

Funeral customs are considered very old but there have been a lot of changes in the funeral custom from the past. Main motive of the funeral is to decompose the dead body in the right way and ensure that the person rests in full peace. Funeral confirms the death of the person. Now, there are different ways of performing funeral ceremony of the dead person in different parts of the world. Differentiation in performing funeral customs is done on the basis of religion, region, gender etc.  However, there are three things in common, related to death, in almost every religion and civilization. These include performing the funeral rites, choosing the sacred place for dead and memorialization of the dead.

These days, funeral houses like Huntsville funeral home, helps in planning funerals. It is the great way to decide how you want your body to decompose after your life but, before that know the history of funeral.Related image

Funeral due to fear

Earlier, in some parts of the world, life and death were known to be the act of spirits. There was Superstition about the spirits but since no one has actually seen the spirits so people lived in fear. They fear that the spirit had caused death to the person and it will harm the other people related to the dead also. In order to keep the spirit away, funeral ceremonies and rituals were performed. In some culture, body burial is done but the fear of dead insists the man to think about burning the dead bodies so that the spirits do not come back.

Embalming to preserve the dead body

In some cultures, embalming was done to preserve the dead bodies with some sort of chemicals.  This was done to preserve the bodies for several days. It was started by the Egyptian culture in order to allow the dead body to decompose by the action of bacteria. Modern embalming is now done with ice to preserve, restore and disinfect the dead bodies.