Thursday 17 January 2019
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Learn Necessary Steps after a Serious Car Crash

Statistics First

Statistics does not tell a lie always. So let us take a look at what it says about traffic crash facts. TXDOT has revealed that a car crash is reported every 61 seconds. It is alarming! In many USA cities, there is not a single day in a year in which at least, one heinous car accident case is not reported. October has been found out to be the deadliest of 12 months to get most of the car accident cases registered.

The tragedy of a car accident is it involves not only property damage but also claims lives. The fatal car crashes cause death and/or serious injuries to drivers and other passengers as well as pedestrians apart from casualties to properties. All of us know that the injured should be rushed to hospitals and police must be called at the site of the accident as early as possible.

But how many of us have an idea about consulting an accident attorney lawyer? How many of us know the importance of discussing with an attorney after an accidental death or injury? Only a few!

Get Prepared for Unexpected

We never know what will happen to us the next day, next hour or even next minute. Amidst such an uncertainty, it is important to get prepared for the unexpected. The first thing to do after a car crash is to consult a doctor for immediate treatment. If you are a victim to someone’s rash driving or ignorance, the responsible party is legally obliged to pay your medical bills.

The injured has the legal right to claim for compensation from your insurance company. But to obtain compensation from the insurer and the at-fault party, it is must to prove your innocence before the judges. Who is going to do that on your behalf? An experienced accident lawyer.

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What If I’m The Culprit?

The matter turns worse if you were behind the driver’s wheel and at fault for the accident. What to do? Don’t run away from the scene as the police will bring a ‘Hit & Run’ charge against you. Like a responsible citizen, call the police. If it is a minor accident, never try to go for a settlement with the other party outside the court. Also check if you have suffered any injury. Wait a few days as some injuries show up a couple of days or even a week later.

Whether it is you or someone else who has suffered an injury, immediately call police and emergency service. You may be asked to move your car to a safer zone. If needed, the police may call a tow truck to remove the damaged particles in order to clear blockage on the road.

Be a Sherlock Homes

You should start with taking photos of the accident site. Collect contact details, insurance information and injury status of the other party involved into the accident. Make sure to get a copy of police report. Keep a record of the exact date and time of the accident. Information collection is very important especially if you are not responsible for the car accident. Produce the details to an expert from the Accident Attorney Practice Areas.  The lawyer will use all these details against the other party and the insurer to help you successfully lodge a compensation claim and receive the just amount.