Friday 14 December 2018
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Peter Loftin: The Generous Genius Everyone Should Know About

Hard work, patience and perseverance are the keys to success, and Peter Loftin is a great example of all three qualities which led to his eventual success. Even though Loftin grew from humble roots, he soon rose, slowly by steadily, to become the founder of a greatly successful telecommunications company known as BTI.

Peter Loftin had achieved quite an amount of greatness in his life. Not only did he single headedly create, develop and bring to success his very own telecommunications company, he had a considerable amount of other successes. Some of these were:

  • He co-founded a counter terrorism contractor called CM3 Group along with Michael Haley and Richard Shaffer. This group was highly capable and intelligent and was responsible for handling instances of terrorism throughout the country.
  • He was a founder of GlobeSecNine; which has now come to be known as Torth Hill Investment Partners. This company comprises of the defence and intelligence industry. It helps other domestic as well as international companies with their growth capital.
  • He finally declared his love for art to the world by purchasing the Casa Casuarina in the year 2000. He then lends this place for free to other art connoisseurs, who would display their works of art to others in the name of charity.

Despite having such immense success and wealth, one factor which set him apart from the rest of the geniuses of his time, was his unyielding generosity. Loftin was known to share much of his wealth and profits with the poor and the needy. It seemed like he would gain such success and immense wealth not for his own pleasure, but due to his humanitarian nature. He was never seen to delve in his own success and wealth. Rather, he was known as the person who would share his wealth and profit with those who needed it.

More about his wonderful side

Due to his great achievements and his even more admirable personality, Peter Loftin went about to win many other nominations and awards. Even though he was able to achieve much more than his peers in the field of studies, business and finances, he was known more for his quiet, generous nature and his undying love for art.

Even when he purchased the Casa Casuarina, he did something with it which was completely unexpected and selfless. He shared this space for free with art lovers, who would often put up events and exhibitions in this area. All of the donations made from these events were given to charity.

Loftin is an undying example of an admirable individual, working steadily towards the betterment of society and his fellow members. He has always been held up to greatness, and it is often wished for that the modern youth take inspiration from a character like Peter Loftin. If more youth would follow in Loftin’s footsteps, it would not be long before there is a radical change in society; for the better. Loftin was an all rounder; a great worker, a sympathetic individual, a smart businessman and a great achiever.