Thursday 17 January 2019
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Peter Loftin- The Man of Honour and Pride

In today’s world it is not easy to find someone who is making it big in a true sense or someone who is inspiring many lives with the kind of work he or she does. Well talking of larger than life characters, Peter Loftin has truly been an extravagant character. He is one of the noted entrepreneurs of the world residing in North California. He had a dream of making it big and become successful soon after the first semester in the North California State University.

The time he started to grow an idea and lead the market with his superb business skills, there was some competition in the market. Though this gallant man fought every odds and went on to establish Raleigh, Business Telecom Inc (BTI) in the year 1983. This company started as an amateur but later on this company was ranked seventh by New Paradigm Resources among the competitive local exchange carriers.

At the age of 25, he was regarded as one of the top noted businessman in North California. In the telecommunication industry he was regarded as the pioneer of long distance calls at a flat price rate. With this kind of offering he eventually grabbed the market and became a successful entrepreneur.

Knowing more about his achievements

Peter Loftin did made a great mark on the telecommunication industry with his kind of business ideas. He was later on named as “North California Entrepreneur of the year” by North California magazine. This was a great milestone in his career and he was praised by all the intellectuals in the industry. The achievement of the Entrepreneur of the year award gave him great success and fame.

The business tycoon did not settle for this; he also went on to achieve more success and more awards. In addition to the North California Entrepreneur of the Year award he also received the “Corporate Citizen of the Year” award from North California Information and Electronics Technology Association. He received this award for providing free internet services in the schools of North California which are located in remote areas.

Mr. Loftin made great success and with his will power BTI ranked 7th nationally; it was only during his tenure that the company made a profit of $400 million annually. As he had a great business mind he also sold $200 million stock of BTI to an equity farm. He was also the chairperson of the Board of BTI where he incorporated with some of the great minds in the market such as Paul J. Rizzo, former Vice-Chairman of IBM.    

During his tenure at the BTI, the company reached some great extents. Mr. Loftin also had a knack in performing arts and culture and for that reason only he also invested some of his important time in that also. He was noted as the largest contributor for BTI Centre for Performing Arts in the year 1997. He also received some awards like BTI Centre of Performing Arts Patron and some others. Overall with all his contributions Mr. Peter Loftin is regarded as a contributor in most fields possible.