Wednesday 20 March 2019
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Questions to Ask a Tutor before Hiring Him

Today educational systems are rapidly evolving and growing across the world. More and more people are today hiring tutors so that these tutors would help their kids in studying more easily. Now parent’s objectives for hiring can be varied but there are a few things that every parent should look into while hiring a tutor for your kid. Here are a few questions that you may want to ask your accredited universities in UAE tutor before you hire him.

Teaching Style:

This is a fact that not all students learn in the same way. Therefore it is important for a teacher to design his teaching structure based on the learning style of the student. So before hiring a tutor we would advise parents to find out that whether teacher can format lessons as per the learning style of the kid that he is supposed to teach.

Teaching Plan:

This can be a difficult question particularly when tutor doesn’t know about the schoolwork of a kid. When a tutor goes through a kid’s schoolwork then they can have a good idea of the requirements of a kid and then they can create a plan accordingly to get the desired results. A tutor should have specific methods that he can use to identify problems and understanding the behavior of a kid and then acting as per the behavior.

Why Do You Tutor?

The fundamental purpose of tutoring is to create a healthy and effective relationship between student and a tutor. Good tutors are passionate and want their students to succeed. In fact only the best tutors have keen interest in the growth and learning of a student. They would whatever it takes to help their student. These should be the purposes of a tutor.


This is extremely important in my view. Reliable references are a great source of information and you would find it hard to get to them. On tutoring websites you can see written reviews and ratings from who worked previously with tutors. Reading these reviews by previous students and parents can give you a good insight about the personality of the tutor. So if you want to hire a good tutor then it is a good idea to look for references.

Independent Learner:

An effective relation between a student and a teacher can help in making student an independent learner. Student would have to master specific skills to get good results. But this isn’t a long term solution to your kid’s educational requirements. Only making student independent learner can act as a long term solution.

So if you are looking for an online tutor to help your kid with distance education in Dubai then you should ask these above mentioned so that you are confident that you are hiring the right tutor. In this manner you would be able to hire a tutor that would be as per requirements of your kid and hence ensuring success of your kid in his or her academic journey.