Wednesday 20 March 2019
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Recruiters Can Help You Make The Right Job Leap

There are plenty of reasons you may want to switch jobs: a higher salary, a better title, a more flexible schedule, better benefits, or a new location, but there are lot of things to consider before you accept an offer and make the transition. One piece of advice any good recruiter will give you is this: make sure you’re moving toward a better opportunity, not a running away from a bad one. Everyone has bad days on the job and had the feeling that it would just be better to quit, but it’s better to sit these moments out and make rational decisions rather than emotional ones.

Having a great headhunter help you with your professional development is a good way to help you leap from one job to another, and give you their honest opinion about whether it’s the right move or not. According to Toronto recruiters IQ Partners, it’s a headhunter’s job to find the right place for their candidates, and as such, as they suggest asking yourself five key questions before making a decision.

#1 Does the job match your skill set and your interests?

The ideal job sits in the intersection of three overlapping subjects: what you care about, what pays a good salary, and where you can rise to the top. Is that new job one where you can shine above the rest, earn a good paycheque, and one that will challenge you and keep you interested?

#2 Is the culture right?

One of the things that recruiters like IQ Partners in Toronto will help you determine is whether or not the culture at a new company is the right fit for you. They may be able to provide insight from previous clients who have gone to work for the company, but you can also draw on the interview, the appearance and feel of the office space itself, and your interactions from the interviewer to the receptionist. You spend a third of your life at work, and people often spend more time with their colleagues than their spouse, so it’s important that you get the right fit.

#3 Do the company’s values match your own?

More than ever, employees are looking for companies that share their values and want to find work that means something to them. The most talented candidates in the market are looking for employers who share their desire to do important, meaningful things, whether it’s innovate, help their clients, or do something socially meaningful. Read the company’s mission statement and explore their website, see what they prioritize and consider whether or not that fits your own priorities.

#4 How much room is there to grow?

While that new job may look like more than enough for now, in 3 to 5 years you will likely be looking to take on more responsibilities or move in a new direction. Ask insightful questions to see if the company will have room to grow within it, and if it seems like there’s no space, you may want to reconsider your options.

#5 Is it a challenge?

Whatever the title and whatever the size of the company, the job should always be a challenge. Let your recruiter know what you want to be doing, and if they, like the recruiters at IQ Partners, know the industry, they’ll be able to connect you with a role where you will be inspired to bring your best efforts every day. Without a challenge, work can get boring and routine, so find a job that will keep you engaged.