Sunday 16 June 2019
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Should sports accompany basic education?

What’s the life of students? Home to school, school to home, then tuitions, homework, extra classes, and many such things. You think they get proper time to look after their health and enjoy the beautiful part of life called sports? Well, we don’t. Now if we ask you that should sports accompany basic education or not, a debate can start right at the same point. Some will be in favour of the decision while some will be against it. You can even find many parents who support sports education but don’t want their kids to take part in it. Because for them, making their child a bookworm is the ultimate goal.

Needless to explain what importance does sports hold in the lives of students. Be it celebrities or other famous personalities; everyone is giving their best to promote sports. Earlier, the promotion of games and sports was not necessary, but in today’s generation, it has become essential. This is because previously children themselves ran out of their homes for playing. But nowadays, no kid prefers to walk out of the house and play with other kids. Yes, they play football and cricket, but on their mobile phones and tablets. The fresh air, enthusiasm and fitness have been suppressed by the mobile commentary and digital world.

Before we conclude that should sports accompany basic education or not; we would like to let you know the role of sports in the life of children. The importance of sports in their lives are numerous and have been mentioned below:

  • Good physique: Obesity is becoming a growing concern for many children. The main reason behind this is laziness and physical inactivity. Sports keep your muscles working and doesn’t allow extra fat to accumulate. Bring your children out of the virtual world and introduce them to the healthy real world. No obesity will take place if kids will be physically active. Inspire them to do so and also take part with them. Visit and bring different playthings at home at amazing prices.
  • Sense of responsibility and belongingness: Continuous and regular sports or physical activity sets a massive impact on the psychology of children. When they are taught to play in teams, they develop a sense of responsibility and belongingness towards the group. Gradually, they build confidence and even take defeat with a positive attitude. This helps them not only for the game but lifetime.
  • Self-esteem development: Development of self-esteem is one of the significant contributions of sports in the lives of children. They tend to understand the lesson behind the result. They learn to give their best to the sport without giving priority to the results. They enjoy the game to the fullest and develop their self-esteem super-fast.
  • Dedication and selflessness: When they give their best to the sport, they become dedicated towards it. This dedication is their long-term benefit. In the future, they will be dedicated to what they want to achieve. And team games teach them selflessness. They work for their team and want their team to win irrespective of the individual records they set.
  • Patience: Patience is something we hardly find in anybody. Forget children; you can even see parents who don’t have patience at all. This is one of the best contributions of sports for children. It teaches the importance of attaining patience and gradually builds it in them. Playing different type of games and sportsmanship make them cool and calm. And, patience is something that pays every time, for a lifetime.
  • Discipline: The most important thing that we want children to learn is discipline. And we can’t inject it in them overnight. It has to be imbibed in them from the early age, from the very beginning. Sports helps children to know the importance of discipline. As the time passes, they develop it naturally while listening to the coaches and following the rules.

Primary education is not everything. Somewhat knowledge without etiquette is waste of what you know. But, sports teach all those etiquettes that will accompany students for a lifetime. These are not temporary achievements, but they’ll cherish these learnings later. Moreover, if you consider wisely, students have very much burden of good grades. So, it is next to impossible for them to make time for sports after their classes because it takes a whole day. And the time which they have remaining, they waste it on the virtual world. So, schools should consider this, and they should give some time to children for playing. They should encourage children to take part in them.