Sunday 26 May 2019
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Technology in the Classroom

Technology is everywhere these days, and it is almost impossible for anyone to hide from it. We embed technology in every aspect of our lives including the classroom. Teachers no longer have to strain when delivering their teachings or even tracking the participation of their class. Students, on the other hand, do not need to strain when looking for study resources or trying to finish an assignment on time.

There are many classroom apps that make it easier for teachers and students to interact in the learning setting that is the class; a good example is ClassDojo. These apps can be accessed from smartphones or iPads which have led to the devices becoming necessary tools for learning.

Due to the many needs that arise in the classroom, these applications have been designed to meet those needs. By doing this, it becomes easier for both the teacher and student to interact. Below are the reasons behind these apps.

Acquisition of Information

Applications that allow students to acquire information come in numerous designs. Some of them use virtual reality technology that allows experts to appear as though they are really interacting with students while sharing their knowledge. Others include games or flashcards that allow students to participate in quizzes after they acquire information. This helps them to test just how much they know.

Sharing Platform

Apps in this category help students find apps with study resources that are beneficial to them. The apps are organized just like the books in the library are. For the teachers, it makes it easy for them to direct students to the precise resources that they want them to read. Such apps also integrate information and resources giving students the best experience.

Classroom Management

It was hard for a teacher to manage the classroom in terms of noise, concentration, or time management, but now there are classrooms apps that deal with that. A teacher can determine the participation of everyone in the class, reduce noise, and ensure that all activities are running within the stipulated time. This keeps the classroom and learning process organized.

Making Learning Interesting

The reason students prefer to stay at home with their friends rather than go to school is that they find school boring. That ends with the apps that give learning an interesting twist. They allow students to draw, add emojis, decorate pictures, attach a voice recording over images, use animated messages, and many more.

Students learn more from these applications because they relate to their lifestyle. Classroom apps are used in preschool and the teachers witness a huge change in the young learners. Instead of limiting learning to the traditional way, these apps open up students’ minds, challenge them to think outside the box, keep them focused and aware of their surroundings, and give teachers the best way to deliver.

The future looks good when it comes to the use of these apps. The only way to go is up because they accommodate every student’s learning pace and unique needs and they will keep getting better and better. It is effective and rewarding to use them.