Sunday 21 July 2019
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The best homework helps apps for college students

Traditionally, studying entailed spending many hours in the library. However, as digital technology continues to improve, more and more apps have been developed and, which are making studying to be both more accessible and fun for students. New apps for one’s phone and laptop have made it easier for students to access notes across platforms at any time. From Evernote and Quizlet Go to Forest and Todoist, apps have helped students to focus, streamline, and increase their productivity all at once. Below are few of the well-known homework help apps for college students.


In school, notes are everything– how else can one prepare for their final exams and succeed? Evernote makes it possible for students to keep everything streamlined and composed in one location. One may improve their notes using agendas, links, attachments, and sound recordings. With the free-form, one may synchronize their notes crosswise over two gadgets, look for content inside pictures, cut site pages, and the sky is the limit from there. Evernote Plus offers the capacity to match up great gadgets for $34.99 annually.

Istudiez pro legend

Accessible for iOS, Mac, Android, and windows, istudiez pro legend enables students to track their timetables, assignments, and grades in one location. Not sure when your French homework is expected or when your next exam is? One may check istudiez application! For whatever length of time that one input the dates and data as one goes along, this app can handle the rest for you. Never miss another task or essential class again! Once may coordinate the application’s timetable to other schedule applications, similar to google calendar! The mobile version costs a one-time expense of $2.99, while at the same time the pc variant is $9.99.

Quizlet go

Paper flashcards are outdated! Through Quizlet Go, one may utilize other individuals’ investigation sets or make one of their own. The study set and outline subjects are interminable! From “German Sentences of the Day” and “Common War Battles” to “Structures of the Heart” and “Air terminal Codes,” you will have all the data you have to ace your next exam. While at the same time you can utilize Quizlet for nothing, Quizlet Plus is $1.67 multi-month or $19.99 every year.

My Study Life

This free application will assist one when it comes to organizing their classes, assignments, and exams effortlessly. The unique aspect of this app is based on its capacity to sync information in the cloud and across all your gadgets. Furthermore, the application works offline hence one need not be stressed over losing access without WiFi.

Simple Mind pro

Like the application XMind, Simple Mind offers one of kind designs to conceptualize and make supportive personality maps. With this application, one may likewise add media to one’s mind maps. From pictures and recordings to voice reminders and the sky is the limit from there, Simple Mind is intelligent and straightforward to utilize. For a one-time charge of just $7.99, you can download Simple Mind Pro.