Sunday 24 March 2019
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Tips for a first time manager

If you have been recently promoted to a management position for the first time, then you must be excited about the new job profile, explore the new role, and already contemplating the pay hike. But, if you are like most of us, then you must also be terrified at the prospect of dealing with new responsibilities. Graduating to a managerial role is a big step and a great accomplishment for you, but it also comes with a new set of challenges. So, if you are not sure about where to start, then follow the below mentioned steps for a smoother transition.

Be Smart

You need to make it your personal mission to learn everything you can from your mentors or other managers. This is the main key to your success as a first time manager. Look for new management tools, classes, or resources that your company offers. While some firms offer supervisor training, others provide formal training on certain software or tools. Make sure you digest all of them diligently. Not only this, you should also know about the people you will be managing. Know them, their professional goals, and performance reviews.


You have been promoted because of your skills, experiences, and hard work. But now that you are a manager, it’s not about your performance anymore, but your team’s. Before you were the manager, your job was to accomplish your tasks, but now your job is to train others, help others achieve their tasks in an effective and efficient manner. Thus, there is a clear transition in terms of your focus and sometimes it can be difficult to handle. But more so now since your own performance will be tied to the overall performance of your team.

Learn to Listen

Sometimes, as a new manager, you’d want to make certain bold changes to show that you are in charge. But it could be a bad idea. You certainly need to resist this temptation; take time to understand your team and the organization. Sit down with individual team members to understand their needs, goals, and roles. Ask questions about what they like doing at the workplace, what bothers them about their profile, what is the biggest challenge for them to overcome, etc. This helps in enhancing your team’s effectiveness.

As a manager, you can’t please everyone but if you say, “I would love to know your ideas regarding the future of the team” would go a long way in establishing mutual trust and respect with your team members. Understanding other people’s needs and goals can help them perform better at a higher level, which serves your purpose of enabling your team to perform better.

Open Door

As a first time manager, one of the first few steps that you should take is to have an open-door policy for your team members. Let them know that you care and that you are open to listen to their views, feedback, concerns, etc. on an ongoing basis. You need to make sure that your employees know that they can reach out to you regarding their issues in the workplace.

Whether you have been promoted within the same workplace or you have applied to various job vacancies to reach the management level, you now have a new set of challenges in front of you to tackle. So, make sure that you are well prepared for the new role before making any bold decisions.