Wednesday 20 March 2019
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Tips To Be A Good Driver

Very few of us can tell ourselves that we acquire perfection when it comes to our attitude behind the steering wheel. But there are still some who know what it takes to be safe and sound.

Such people understand that it isn’t just about following the rules of the streets. It’s about your behavior while driving and it’s also about functioning courteously and be attentive at all times.

For people like us, we have the challenge to learn from such people so as to improve on our own performances. I hope, these tips will guide you into developing habits which you can learn from good drivers.

In that way, people who aren’t quite up to the mark will know where they have been going wrong all this time.driver jobs

1) Know the Speed Limit

Firstly, and in fact, the most apparent thing to point out about good drivers is that they are well aware of what speed they should be driving at.

That is not as simple as you think. Mostly these Motorcyclists are not aware of the basic rules of the road. For Eg. Unless the sign board indicates anything, you should always hover around at speeds of 30 to 40 mph when there are street lights along the road.

The idea is simple if you want to reduce your chances of causing an accident then you must stick to the speed limit.

2) Focus should be on the road

We are all part of that world where prompt communication is practiced. We are plagued by multiple pings of text messages or an email or the ring of a phone call. Even when we are driving, such calls and pings lure us into responding to each of those instantaneously.

And we can’t just blindly say that phone is the reason that causes the distraction while driving. It’s not just the phone which causes it but also other things like driver adjusting the stereos or radios and driving with wandering minds.

They maintain their attention constantly on the road in order to ensure safety.

3) Take regular breaks

Fatigueness of a driver is the major factor in road accidents causing many in India. It is also said that about 1500-2000 accidents occur every year in the United States for the same reason. Considering such warnings, good drivers opt to take a halt regularly to freshen up and most importantly to stay alert.

Concluding this argument, if you are tired or if you feel tired, grab a strong cup of coffee or energy drink and take some nap. I can assure you that it will be a lot easier for you to focus on the journey ahead.

4) Be confident

If you have kept pace with the points so far, you can think yourself as a safe driver and be pleased. It becomes clear that you are one of the safest drivers with all the respect for predefined road rules. Following such practice will not only keep you away from danger but other road users as well.

The key to safety is not being over-confident behind the wheel.

Drivers who think that they are sorted behind the steering wheel are more likely to make errors than those who are vigilant for any danger or accident.

So I hope this article could be fruitful to all the drivers out there or whosoever are doing  driver jobs. To summarize it, do not take unnecessary risks and always keep your eye on the road and signboards.

Author Bio

Hi, I am Vikrant Rai, A Digital Marketer who currently works with Aasaanjobs, an India based Job portal. A writer by day and a reader at night, and will be quite fascinated with a good fiction book. Also a freelance blogger.