Sunday 21 July 2019
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Tips to improve your Math score

Scared of the Math exam? Not sure if you can get through it? It can be a daunting task for the students. Especially the students of class 7 are worried about scoring excellently well and have a strong foundation of their basics as it will help them in higher classes. Few tips have been discussed below to help you deal with math and score good grades. You can also checkout NCERT Solutions For Class 7 Maths to get solutions with alternate methods and shortcuts to all the complicated mathematics problems.

Did you take a look at the syllabus?

Understand the math syllabus before you start preparing for the exam is very crucial. You get to priorities based on weightage and time.

Pay attention

Be attentive in the math class and avoid skipping classes. It will be difficult to understand the next chapter that will be covered by your teacher the following day. If you do not understand the topic ask questions right away and clarify.


Keep a book especially to note the important equations, formulas, and theorem. Also, you can write down the techniques or methodologies used to solve the particular set of problems. This will help you remember. You can glance to revise these just before the exam.

Did you practice?

Do not neglect to and avoid solving exercise and question papers. Sample papers, worksheets will definitely help you improve your speed and will give you an idea about the question paper pattern. Also, most of the times some questions directly picked from the previous years question papers so be thorough with it.

Time to execute

Have a look at all the questions in the paper. Start answering the once you are confident about and do not spend a lot of time if you get stuck with any question. Move to the next and come back later.

Last but not the least!

Once you have completed the paper check your answer sheet again. Check for the formulas and steps that you have implemented. In case you want to highlight formulas avoid using red ink as it could confuse the evaluator while correcting your answer sheet.

Students of all the classes can learn more about NCERT Solutions and improve their Math score.