Sunday 16 June 2019
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Success is the result of immense determination and hard work. The UPSC examinations are said to be one of the most crucial and competitive examinations since it is linked directly to the recruitment to the various civil services of the government of India. It is not easy to ace this examination but given this fact it is also true that with sheer determination, efficient time-management, mock tests and most importantly referring to upsc 2018 answer key can all contribute to helping the candidates perform well in the examinations. The reason why some candidates fail to perform well in this examination usually stems from the fact that they did not know how to go along with the preparation of the examination. The following are some of the important tips during preparation of the examination that almost 90% people do not know about or choose not to follow:

  • Efficient Time Management Should be taken into Account

The reason why most of the candidates find it difficult to complete their syllabus is usually the fact that they did not start studying on time and started much later. It is advisable to all the aspiring candidates to start studying well in advance and not cram up information last minute which often leads to information getting mixed up and soon forgotten. Candidates should follow a routine timetable and devote a minimum of four hours of exam preparation including learning, revising and writing answers. All three things should be practised every day and efficiently. If a candidate starts studying well in advance and maintains a timetable routine, then it would help him remember his content easily.

  • Revising is as Important as Learning and Candidates Should Indulge Themselves in Mock Tests

It is one thing to encode information but another to recall it. The more you recall information and plan to revise it, the more accessible this information becomes in your mind, and then you can immediately remember answer by merely looking at the question. It is advised to spend equal time learning and revising and recalling the learnt matter to make sure the information and content that has been encoded is easily remembered when the examination comes. Mock Tests can be taken to assess how well one remembers the learnt content.

  • Use of Appropriate Books Should be Made

The key to writing appropriate answers is to refer to the books which have correct and adequate information. The books are usually prescribed, and the candidate can refer to additional books for getting more information and making his answers unique and different than the other candidates. However, it is important to make sure that while referring to additional books, the ones that have especially been prescribed are not omitted or ignored. It is also important to verify that the additional books that a candidate is referring to should contain accurate facts.

  • The Aspiring Candidates Should Expose Themselves to the Current Events by Reading Newspapers and by The Use of Internet

One of the most important things that a candidate needs to do is to be aware about the current events of the country and also a brief idea about the world affairs since a lot of the syllabus of the examination consists of economics, politics and other such things which he might have to be aware of while writing answers. Hence he should ideally be reading newspapers or articles online to expand his knowledge not only about the current events as such but also to expand the harbour of his knowledge.

  • Communication with Past Toppers and Other Aspiring Candidates can be Helpful

Communicating with past toppers, reading their interviews and understanding what made them perform so well can help candidates strategize their studying pattern. Past toppers are the ideal people who can guide you towards strategizing an efficient studying pattern. Talking with other aspirant candidates who are going to appear in the examinations with you is also important as you can figure out where you are going wrong while studying or if you need any help. Sometimes just talking to someone who is also preparing for the examination can make you feel less stressed and give you a picture about how others are preparing for an exam and can, in turn, motivate you to do better.

  • Referring to the Answer Key is very Important

The UPSC answer key helps candidates understand the type of questions asked, the kind of answers that are expected out of them as well as to be able to frame the answers properly in the examinations without getting hassled or confused. The answer key also makes it easier to spot errors made in our answers and improve our learning and answers

  • Make Sure You do not Overburden Yourself and are Stress-Free

It is usually seen that the reason why you forget answers or have difficulty in recalling them even though you have studied them really well is that your mind is stressed. A stressed mind may forget what has been studied thoroughly as well. While studying as well as while giving exams the candidate must make sure he is stress-free. Listening to music, exercising, reading books, etc. are all efficient stress busters

If the candidates start preparing well in advance, manage their time properly, maintain a studying timetable, revise well enough regularly, use appropriate books and engage in mock tests, expose themselves to current events, follow the advice of past toppers, refer thoroughly to the UPSC answer key and manage their stress then they can easily score well in the examinations.