Thursday 17 January 2019
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Top 4 Ways to Find Your Next Job

You have probably lost your job recently or want to jump from your present one or you may be a fresher and your chance of getting a good position through the age old paper ads is next to nil. Fear not, as there are many other avenues to pursue your dream job.

Here we reveal to you the top 4 ways that will help you land your dream job.

  1. Tap your network!

Everybody will know somebody. There would be at least 5 job that are appropriate for you well within your network, but the people who could help you get those jobs haven’t thought of you yet. So, what is needed of you is to get their attention. Make a list of influential people you know. Get in contact with them. Meet them out for lunch or dinner. Broaden your horizon. Create contacts and build your network.

You can also let your friends and people in your social circle know that you are looking for a job. Inquire if there is any job vacancy in Mumbai or any other city. Ask them if you could email your resume them so as to provide them an informed idea of your skills and experience. There are chances of at least one of them providing you guidance.

  1. Connect with your alumni

As the saying goes… “Birds of feather flock together”. We generally like meeting people who share something in common with us, probably the same values or hobbies, or might have gone to the same university or school. Call up your alumni and meet them. Grow your network. This approach will be very helpful if they are from the same industry as you.

  1. Attend events

Most of the job openings are usually not advertised. This is the exact reason why attending relevant conferences and industry events, career-related seminars and lectures, training sessions oral umni events, are important. Let people know that you are currently looking for a job. Don’t be shy to ask about open positions.

  1. Make use of LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a very powerful tool that will help you connect with the right people easily. Search for people based of your industry, university, interests and qualifications. Connect with those who interest you. For instance, if you hail from an IT background connect with people from the IT sector, with the human resource departments or your potential bosses

While there is no magic spell that will help you find your dream job, but focusing your job hunt on quality rather than quantity and building your network is the way to go.