Thursday 17 January 2019
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Top 5 Myths Of Studying Abroad Busted

There are many myths circulating when it comes to studying abroad. Many students get trapped in these myths and reconsider their plan of studying abroad. However, one can be sure that the benefits of studying abroad overshadow the few disadvantages one may face during their time abroad.

It is a whole new world out there, and it empowers the students in ways more than just academically. It makes the students more versatile, gives them an edge over their counterparts in the job market, gifts them with life changing perspective to life, exposes them to new cultures, helps them meet new people from different countries, make friends for life, and more. Studying abroad is a unique experience that one must not let go, irrespective of the myths you hear.

Here we are trying to bust the five most common myths about studying abroad –

Studying abroad would be difficult for students who haven’t traveled abroad before

Students feel that since they haven’t traveled abroad before, it would be difficult for them to adjust to a new country, where they speak another language and don’t know anyone. However, most of the colleges have a dedicated staff to help abroad students and provide them with solutions and answers to just any queries or issues they might be facing, starting from finding the best rental place to locating a doctor, and much more. It is a bit adventurous for sure, but there are thousands of students sailing the same boat. It is a fun ride, and it’s all about your perspective and attitude.

Travelling can be done later in life, studying abroad is not necessary now

Traveling for sure can be done later in life, but studying abroad is a different experience. It would not only get you the degree that would kick start your career but would also help you mingle with another culture intimately. It would help you grow as a person and develop your personality, making you a global citizen in its truest sense.

Foreign language barrier

It is not a pre-requisite for most of the courses when studying abroad that you need to know the native language. Many of the courses are taught in English. There are side courses in other languages that the students are encouraged to take to ensure they can add language skills to their resume as well as mix well in the new culture. Every kind of assistance due to the language barrier is provided by the universities abroad.

Many students just stop by saying “I can’t afford it.”

It is probably the most common myth of all that leads to most people discontinuing their dream of studying abroad. There are many study abroad programs that charge modest fees plus there are many scholarships available for meritorious students. Moreover, there is financial aid available for students through various financing programs that can be easily availed by the students.

Studying abroad is only for white people

It is not true as 8 percent of students abroad consist of Asians, 14 percent of students abroad include African-Americans, and so on. Even though the majority of students abroad are white, students from across the world can make use of the opportunities of studying at universities abroad. There are systems in place to protect students from any racial disparity.

These are the few common myths about studying abroad that you shouldn’t get bogged down by. Studying abroad is a life-changing experience, and it would make all your dreams for future come true.