Tuesday 17 September 2019
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What are the basic requirements to be a good doula?

There are even totally free doula training scholarships available online. If you want this kind of scholarship, then you can search for different websites, and one of the best websites is international doula Institute. There are many girls who are interested in becoming a doula so you can take part in the doula certification programs and also giveaways which are burning online. With the help of these, there are chances to easily get free introduction classes to start your doula training and to get more information about becoming a doula.

Basic requirements

Many people need to know about the basic requirements about becoming a doula. Basically, there is no typical requirement, but a person needs to be warm and empathetic. So there are many personality related points which should be there in a lady if she wants to be a doula. The basic adjectives we can tell are non-judgmental, thoughtful, respectful carrying and nurturing. There are many other things like there has to be her natural inclination towards babies and special love and joy for moms and childbirth.

Past work that can contribute to being a good doula

If the ladies who were in their past involved in things like being a nanny,  babysitter, mum, licensed practical nurse, hair stylist, server, therapist, registered nurse, social worker early childhood education massage therapist etc. If these were the profession or the history of a lady who wants to become a doula then it becomes easy for her to get into the course of doula and getting certified as a professional doula.

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