Wednesday 20 November 2019
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What are the Solution Capabilities of Technical Publishing?

Building the supporting technical documentation for aerospace and defense system needs collaboration and input from a number of companies. Sonovision USA supports S1000D that forwards the documentation process into the PLM environment and letting the direct use of engineering source data and syncing the document development with product development to make sure that publications are always the latest ones with the product changes. The advanced environment of technical publication lets documents to be easily tailored by market, language or product.

Nowadays, aerospace and defense are also complicated as it involves a number of suppliers and partners. As these companies make use of a number of design tools and system to make their part of supporting documentation. This has made it hard for creating publications like consolidated technical manuals that need input from a number of teams. Standards like S1000D are now put in place to streamline these efforts by the help of common source database or CSDB that will help in standardizing the authoring, exchange and publication of technical documentation. The S1000D brings documentation process into PLM environment to build a single environment approach that allows content authors have direct access to the product source data for creating content and then syncing the changes to the product.

Solution capabilities

  1. Bill of materials management

Here you can create, manage and maintain the operation as well as service documentation by the means of engineering bill of material or eBOM and service bill of material or sBOM. Link the published material with the supporting engineering data.

  1. Common Source Database

Here you can exchange and publish aerospace and defense industry standard documentation, parts catalogs and service bulletins by authoring and managing S1000D data modules and ICN or Illustration Control Number information.

  1. Document Authoring Tool Integrations

Here you can create and edit technical documentation with the help of Microsoft Office templates which are directly submitted into the review and approval workflows. You can also enable widespread collaborations and rapid adoption as well.

  1. Parts Catalogs

You can easily create and publish parts catalog with the adherence or industry standards like S1000D and ATA 2000 printed, web or electronic media by using the information like BOM, CAD, and JT models over and over again.

  1. Structured Content Management

You can efficiently handle product and asset documentation to raise the reuse of high quality content in the document types. You just have to make sure that there is consistency across compliance standards.