Sunday 16 June 2019
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Mathematics is quite an abstract subject, hence, most concepts need visualization to effectively comprehend it. Another aspect is the pre-existing notion among students that mathematics is a tough subject, but this not true. Granted, some subjects in mathematics do take time to have a good grasp, but this is also the same in various other disciplines. An exam aims to assess a student’s level of knowledge, and inevitably, students fail. Here are some reasons why students lose marks in maths.

Botched Up Basics

Students have a hard time comprehending mathematical topics if their foundations are not strong. Basic, but crucial topics may not be thoroughly understood by the students and this leads to problems in the future. Furthermore, students may take a considerable amount of time to solve problems in an exam, and time is especially precious during an exam. If you are preparing for CBSE class 12 board exams, consider referring RD Sharma 10 solutions to brush up on your basics.

Poor Practice

Just like any other skill, mathematics requires practice to attain mastery. And lack of practice is one major aspect of why students lose marks and in the worst case scenario, students may fail. Therefore, ensure that you dedicate enough time to practice difficult concepts and topics. Another important aspect that students don’t realise is that lack of practice has other negative implications such as poor-accuracy, low confidence and inefficient time management. Therefore, practice is necessary to ensure that you don’t unnecessarily lose any marks. Maths RD Sharma class 11 is one of the best resources to refer when practising for class 11 exam. Also, it provides a good point of reference to brush up on the basics when appearing for any competitive exam.

In conclusion, these are some of the reasons why students lose marks in mathematics. Visit RD SHARMA SOLUTIONS website to explore more concepts and topics in mathematics.